Stop Smoking Tips – How To Get Motivated To Quit – Part 1

To stop smoking, smokers need some help. Self help is the most important, and that translates to this : Motivation.

Trying to quit and giving up, trying to quit again and giving up again doesn’t mean you can not get motivated. It’s not like it was an easy job. Sometimes we need to be shocked to get motivated, such as learning someone close just got a cancer. Other Times, you get a cold and it takes many days, if not weeks to recover from it, when you thought it was faster before. Repeatedly getting bronchitis and allergies make us thinking long and hard. Even so, if stopping smoking is not something we really want to undertake, then what are the chances well succeed ?

Here’s an exercise you can do. Open the notepad or another word editing software, or even get a sheet of paper. Minimize this article window and do it. This is not a complicated exercise, even though a very recommended one if you want a plan to stop smoking.

There are negative motivators and positive motivators. What are these motivators that are telling you it’s time to quit?

Make a list of the negative reasons first, the motivators that bother you, for example “People say smell of smoke is annoying”. Maybe they repeat how unhealthy it is to smoke, Or perhaps this is embarrassing to have to get out of your building at work or at home to smoke. Maybe you never seem to find your second wind. Whatever they are, list all your reasons.

When you’re done with the negative motivators, write your positive motivators. How does your non-smoker life looks like ?. Perhaps you want your spouse or children to be proud of you. Maybe you want to protect your family from second-degree smoke. You want to save your money for something worth, you want to be healthy and proud of yourself. Take a few minutes to make your own list. Take your list of fears you made and keep it with this new one.

Do you want to learn to ski ? This will be revealed in part 2 of this article.

Quit Smoking – Common Side Effects of Stop Smoking Drugs

Smoking cessation treatment is able to help smokers to get rid of their smoking habit. Being a smoker is not a good thing at all because it is addictive, wasteful and deteriorates one’s health. Breaking the smoking habit can takes a long time to accomplish. Nonetheless, this particular treatment has some disadvantages. It is because that some medicines used during the therapy might be bringing side effects to the consumers. Therefore, most common side effects are including:



Chest pain

Back pain

Headache and dizziness

Polyuria (excessive urination)

Menstrual disorder on women


Weight gain and the lowering of blood sugar levels

Anxiety, depression and emotional disorder

What causes the side effects in the body?

The side effects result from the chemical reactions in the body. After years of smoking, nicotine (a common drug compound that is found in cigarettes) is able to penetrate the body system. Thus, after breaking the smoking habit, the body reacts as if the body is absorbing nicotine. Such reaction of the body is normal as it undergoes the process of cleansing itself and should not be a major problem to the smoker.

These disadvantages, as a result of the side effects, should not be discouraged one from starting a quit smoking therapy. There are certain methods to overcome the side effects. In fact, these side effects are easy to be treated. Medications can be used against diarrhea, gingivitis, chest pain, and so on and so forth. On the other hand, weight gain can be controlled by doing exercise. If you have tried several quit smoking methods including nicotine patches, forced quitting methods, nicotine craving supplements and other stop smoking methods but none of them work. Therefore, it is time to carry out a new and effective quit smoking method – the stop smoking laser therapy. If you want to stop smoking, visit

What Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

Now that you have decided, you would want to know the way to quit smoking. You are probably aware of the challenges you have to undergo while or in the process of quitting. Not wanting to fail, you are probably interested to learn the best way to quit smoking.

Well there are a lot of products in the market that were manufactured to help you kick the habit and deal with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. This includes nicotine patch, candies, gums and the latest innovation, the electronic cigarette or the safe cigarette. You can consult your doctor which among these products suits you best. Documented testimonies and articles may aid you in finding the right product; you just have to do a little more research.

But your quest does not stop once you have chosen a certain product. For example, you have chosen what is considered to be the most gentle and gradual way – the electronic cigarette. While you are on the process of using the best electric cigarette, the following ways could be helpful for you to quit smoking:

1. Admit that smoking was pleasurable. If you deny that you are indeed enjoying the habit, it may become difficult for you to leave and overcome the challenge. Admit that smoking brings a different kind of pleasure and relaxation but it is harmful to your health also that is why you need to give it up.

2. Take an oral substitute. You don’t really need to have a head-on collision with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Tobacco smoking can be gradually lessened with the aid of the electronic cigarette.

3. Avoid coffee and alcohol. Coffee and alcohol are known partners of cigarette. Stay from these things for they tend to stimulate your desire for nicotine.

4. Drink a lot of water. Residual material in our body due to smoking can be flushed out by drinking a lot of water. Dry mouth, as one of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms, could be lessened through water therapy as well.

5. Exercise your body. This is something you can make yourself busy in order not to entertain thoughts about reaching for one last stick.

Quitting could not be that bad if you approach it through these 5 simple ways. Smoking has become one of the major causes of the decreasing life expectancy and recently, there are worldwide campaigns against the habit. Every year, billion is spent on treatment of diseases caused by smoking. These are already enough reasons to kick the habit away from your life. Your decision to quit smoking could be the best thing you can do not only for yourself but for your loved-ones as well.

The Mentality Of Smoking

What is it that makes quitting cigarettes such a difficult proposition? Despite overwhelming medical evidence purporting the deadly risks smoking presents, many just cant seem to kick the habit.

To answer this we must first assert that smoking is not just a simple habit. Making your bed each morning or walking the dog at 10AM sharp are activities that may be categorized in that manner, but not smoking. Excessive smoking represents a very powerful and dangerous nicotine addiction, which left untreated, will render costly if not fatal consequences.

Smokers who find it difficult to quit are not necessarily will power deficient, and they are not flawed of character. Its seldom easy to relinquish something you love, despite the consequences, and just the desire to quit smoking, despite the enjoyment that cigarettes provide, demonstrates a very strong and unselfish personality. The simple truth is that smoking causes addiction and any addiction is difficult to overcome.

Consider the systems of your bodyboth physical and mentalas a room full of energetic toddlers. When you provide them with all the things they want or needfood, juice, toys– they are usually pleasant and agreeable.

If they are denied these things for quite some time, however, they are going to become restless and cranky. Are they not? So too does your body systems become restless and cranky when they are denied what they have become accustomed to.

When you quit smoking after years or even months of consistent use, your mind and body need some time to adjust. The cravings, restlessness and irritability you feel are normal signals your brain sends out to inform you that something is missing from your normal routine.

Nicotine is a drugone that has affected millions of peopleand once the routine of smoking, coupled with the calming effects that nicotine supplies, has been established, the routine is difficult to interrupt.

Whether it is the effects of the nicotine, the feel of the cigarette in the hand, the sensation of heat, or all of the above, smoking cigarettes creates a pattern that, if repeated for long periods of time, becomes a nightmare to break.

The mentality of a smoker is no different than the thought processes of a non-smoker except that smoking has become a dangerous part of their routine. And quitting? While most find cigarettes near impossible to give up, its important understanding that each individual responds to the rapid cessation of smoking in a different way.

One may have stopped and started over 100 times, still struggling to make the change permanent, while another may have stopped for good on the first attempt. There is no measurable rhyme or reason to the effects of addiction.

For your sake, and the sake of those you love, dont be swayed by failed attempts or broken promises. Keep climbing that mountain no matter how many backward steps you take.

Use Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

Throughout our life we all develop habits. Some of these habits are good ones. And unfortunately some are bad habits. In order to improve our life we must constantly strive to change our bad habits. One bad habit that many people try to over come is the addiction to smoking. While there are many methods that people use to try to quit smoking, such as nicotine patches, gum or even just quitting cold turkey. Many people find little success. There is another very effective way to change your smoking habits that is becoming more popular, it is using hypnosis to stop smoking.

One of the main reasons that people have such a difficult time quitting smoking is that they cannot overcome the withdrawals of the nicotine. By using hypnosis you are able to overcome these urges because what you are doing is actually gaining access to the subconscious. Once you have gotten access to your subconscious mind then you can begin to reprogram the way that your mind thinks.

The steps to self hypnosis are very simple. You first need to allow yourself to come to a full relaxed state of mind. The best way to do this is by finding a place with no distractions so that you are able to concentrate more easily. One way to become relaxed is to close your eyes and focus on a soothing, peaceful and calm thought or image. This could be a forest setting or the waves crashing down on a deserted beach.

Once you are relaxed you want to start making suggestions to your subconscious. The best way to do this is by going over positive key phrases in your mind. Repeat these phrases over in your mind varying up the wording but with the same end goal in mind. So for instance if you want to quit smoking you might use phrases such as: -I am no longer going to smoke-, – I am going to live a healthy smoke free life-.

You will find that by continually repeating these suggestions to your subconscious it does not take very long for your mind to soak up these ideas like a sponge and begin to change. With a little bit of practice you can start to quickly see results that will improve not only your state of mind but also your health.

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